Brown Widow Spider Exterminator

Brown Widow spiders are very similar to their Black Widow cousins and are also highly venomous. Dealing with Brown Widow spiders yourself can be very dangerous; pest control companies can give you reliable, efficient elimination without risk. Drive-Bye Exterminators provides Brown Widow spider extermination that takes care of the problem without stress or danger to you or your family.

While Black Widow spiders are almost completely black except for their red hourglass pattern, Brown Widow spiders can be brown, tan or grey in color. They have a slightly less distinctive hourglass pattern on their abdomens that is typically orange in color. Despite these differences, the Brown Widow spider also possesses a venomous bite that can be very painful and dangerous to your health. Though it is seldom deadly to healthy adults, it can be very harmful to children, seniors and those suffering an illness.

If you see Brown Widow spiders around your home, call an exterminator to eliminate them immediately. Make an appointment with Drive-Bye Exterminators pest control company today to get rid of these dangerous pests.