Pest ID: Silverfish

Pest ID: Silverfish

The silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) is a small, wingless insect. Silverfish are classified in the Zygentoma order. Silverfish eat paper products, food items, and even starch found in clothing. They thrive in dark, humid areas, so make sure to keep flour and sugar in sealed containers. And it’s a good idea to keep gift wrap and tissue… Read More

Ants, Clearwater, FL

We have been receiving a high number of calls recently for ants.  Ants are the most active in early morning and early evening hours.  Take a few minutes to observe their trailing behavior.  Many times you will find the ants you see inside your home are actually trailing in from outside of the structure. Ant… Read More

Termite Infestation found in Dunedin, FL

Received a call for Termites swarming in the bathroom floor of a single family residence in Dunedin, FL. Upon further inspection, we found termites were coming in through a crack in the garage floor (concrete slab). As seen in the picture above, termites are relentless and can even enter a structure through tiny cracks, making… Read More

Typical Termite Infestation in St. Petersburg, Florida

Earlier this year we received a call regarding termite infestation in a mobile home. What we found were Termite Tubes underneath the home. Termite Tubes look like this: These termites actually built tubes on the concrete to get to the wood above.  It is common for subterranean termites to build tunnels on concrete to get… Read More