Pest Control & Exterminator Services

Drive-Bye Exterminators offers pest control services for all types of household pests. With a thorough inspection of your home, we identify the pests you are seeing as well as the ones you may not be seeing and we then provide an effective treatment plan by attacking pest where they live.

Our initial interior treatment focuses on pest harborages such as the kitchen, bathroom, storage and utility areas. Drive-Bye uses a variety of treatment applications to control targeted pest behind plumbing areas, wall voids and appliances. Our exterior treatment focuses on entry ways such as doors, windows, eaves and along the foundation around the entire perimeter of the structure.

Pest Control

Most of our services are performed on a once-a-year or quarterly basis.

Other service frequencies are available depending on the type of insect, the size of the structure to be treated and the severity of the infestation. Your inspector will make the recommendation that best suits your needs.

We provide a wide range of insect control services and our goal is to find the one that is most efficient and effective for you. Plain and simple, at Drive-Bye Exterminators, we drive your pest away!