Pest Control Services

When it comes to Pest Control Services, every homeowner wants the same thing — to protect their family and defend their home. Drive-Bye Exterminators is a locally family owned and operated company providing quality pest, termite, and ant control services throughout Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, and Safety Harbor and the surrounding areas. For over 30 years, Drive-Bye Exterminators has been raising the standard of service in the pest control industry.

Exterminator Services Overview

At Drive-Bye Exterminators, we are proud to offer residential and commercial pest control services to meet the unique needs of our customers throughout Clearwater, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Tarpon Springs, Largo, Palm Harbor, and Safety Harbor and the surrounding areas.

Our goal is to fully eradicate unwanted termites, ants, roaches, spiders fleas, silverfish, wasps, and many more pests by targeting each problem's source. We have several convenient pest control options, including one time, monthly, quarterly, and annual services. Give us a call or message us today for a free estimate.

Pest Control

Drive-Bye Exterminators is a professional pest control company with more than 30 years of experience in the pest control industry. We serve both homeowners and businesses. You can rely on Drive-Bye Exterminators to eliminate a wide variety of pests. Our highly trained technicians know how to treat and eliminate pests that have invaded your home or business.

The start to finish process of our pest control services includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your home or business
  • Identify the visible pests and locate the invisible ones
  • Provide an effective customized treatment plan to eliminate the pests
  • Regular maintenance to assure they do not return

Ant Control

Ants are a common problem in Tampa Bay that many people have trouble solving. If you are like other residents, you have probably experienced ant invasions as an unavoidable reality. Some people turn to pest control solutions in stores or online. These products typically will not get to the source or find the invisible ants allowing the ant population to grow. Our experienced and trained team has the tools needed to get your ant invasion under control quickly. Contact Drive-Bye Exterminators to eliminate the ants in your home or business.

Real Estate Inspections

If you’re buying, selling, or refinancing your home, you may be required to get a Termite Inspection from a pest control company? While typically referred to as termite inspections, these inspections include any evidence of not only termites but powder post beetles, old house borers, and in some areas, excessive moisture conditions and wood decaying fungi . We work with the top realtors and mortgage companies in the Tampa Bay area by providing real estate termite and pest inspections. We also work with foreclosure and bank owned properties.


Satisfied Customers

With our focus on service, expertise, and building life-long connections with our customers, Drive-Bye Exterminators has thousands of satisfied customers in Tampa Bay.


When you’ve been in business for over 30 years, you must be doing a few things right. To ensure that we stay informed and receive professional knowledge about the pest control industry, we are members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA).


We believe in striving to do the right thing because we genuinely care about our customers, the work we do, and our personal and professional character. We are more than your pest control company. We are your neighbors living and working in Tampa Bay.


We stand by our work so much that we have several types of warranties for the work that we do for your home or business. We even offer a Superior Service Extended Warranty for as long as you own the property.


To make sure that we can provide you the top service in Tampa Bay, we have Pest Control Certified Operators on staff, which is the highest level of certification in Florida that you can receive. This training gives you that extra assurance that we know what we are doing. We continually invest in our people through training and education aimed at making them both safer and more proficient.


  • Stacy Hansen

    Knowledgeable, professional, courteous and I have had the best luck with their service and I’m pest free! Thank you, Drive Bye!!!

  • Amor Nawfar

    Tom and Sherri are amazing people who sent someone out right away. Derek was very polite and let me know all the information I needed. Id definitely recommend them to get rid of all your pesky pests! Thanks again for all you do!

  • Naida Sepulveda Cerrito

    They are honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy! Very nice owners.

  • M P

    Have been working with Drive Bye for over a year now. They are very friendly and helpful, and since they showed up bugs stay away. Even if a fast group of ants settles in, they are soon gone.

  • Chris Duclos

    Tom the owner is very knowledgeable. Not only do I recommend him to my clients I also use his services. Less expensive than most. Also a real honest guy!

  • Sean Shannon

    Best exterminator in the area! You want someone that is going to care more then the rest. Drive-Bye Exterminators is the place to call!

  • Jennifer Saner

    After being a do-it-yourself pest control person for years, we had a ghost ant problem that no matter what I did, I just could not get rid of them. They kept moving to different places in my house. When they started showing up on my kitchen counters I had enough! Ewww! I called Drive-Bye Exterminators based on all the good things I had already heard about them. They came out and took care of the problem immediately. They were on time, professional, answered all my questions, explained the treatment options and it was affordable. Thank you Drive-Bye- you exceeded my expectations!

  • Charles M.
    5 star rating

    This is a superb company. When I first called them about two years ago, my house had not been treated for any sort of pests in years, which needless to say is a problem in Florida. Not only did they take care of the immediate problem, but their follow up maintenance program has been excellent. Communication is excellent, work is done when promised and we have had no problems. Also, we have cats and I would highly recommend Drive-Bye for anyone who has furry family members. They have been extremely sensitive and careful to keep our cats safe and secure when servicing the home.

  • Howards Cleaning

    Working Drive-Bye has been wonderful! They are taking care of our pest control annually and we have had no pests since they came out to treat. They are affordable and honest.

  • Anna Hood

    Since Drive-Bye took over my pest control, I have not seen one bug! They are affordable, thorough, and very knowledgeable. Tom explains things better than any other pest control company I’ve used. They also tented for termites and did a great job. They have a better guarantee on that than anyone else I found. I trust these guys and recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, affordable pest control service.