German Roaches… Gone

Count on Drive-Bye Exterminators to get German Roaches Out of Your Home

The dread, the speed, the mess; German Roaches are the cause of all sorts of chaos. 

German Cockroaches are among the most pervasive pests, invading homes, restaurants, hotels, and any space they can squeeze into. However, they are the smallest cockroach species. This unique feature allows them to fit into tiny areas and go unnoticed for long periods until their populations explode. 

Drive-Bye Exterminators is one of Florida’s most trusted pest control companies. We provide effective and affordable pest control for any invasive pests, including German Roach extermination. Drive-Bye Exterminators serves homes and businesses in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, St. Petersburg, Largo, and Tampa. Whether you are just noticing invasive pests or having a full infestation, Drive-Bye Exterminators will quickly and efficiently take care of the problem.

Traits of German Roaches

The German is very different as compared to the American roach. First, they are much smaller. They are easily recognized by their tan coloration. They are thin shaped and fast, and I mean, FAST. German roaches have wings but do not fly. They conserve all their energy to running, we believe.

Like all cockroaches, German Roaches will eat nearly anything and reproduce at alarming rates, making them difficult to deal with alone. It seems German roaches are most attracted to luggage, furniture, and electronics. They like the warmth and shelter. And if there is food left on the counter or open and in the pantry, you can bet they will make their way in. They also like to hide in trash cans, under flower pots, cabinets, and under the sinks. 

German roaches are, however, mostly found indoors. They like the warm space and will infest the walls and floorboards.

If you have seen a German roach in your home, call for help immediately. Drive-Bye Exterminators knows how urgent the situation is to you when you contact us about German roaches. We pride our business on being able to get rid of them quickly for our clients.

Are They a Danger to Humans?

Well, they cannot hurt you via poison or bite, but German roaches have other sinister methods.

  1. They spread food poisoning bacteria and allergens that result in rashes and asthmas.
  2. They are filthy and defecate everywhere they run, and that is everywhere!
  3. They reproduce at an alarming rate. They will lay approximately 40 eggs at a time.

Because they reproduce so rapidly, the German cockroach can become an extensive problem in a matter of no time.

Getting the German Cockroaches OUT.

Oh boy, that is all you care about if your home becomes infested with German roaches. But there is only one way to deal with the German kind, calling on a professional pest eliminator. Otherwise, you are fighting an uphill battle with the way they reproduce and spread.

When you contact the team at Drive-Bye Exterminators, we will perform the following tasks.

  1. We will identify the German cockroach infestation.
  2. Then we bait for the roaches.
  3. Next, we will apply a spray around the perimeter of the home and inside as well.
  4. Finally, we will take measures to prevent them from entering again.

Listen, we know it is disgusting to see roaches of any sort in the home. But it is not uncommon for those not on a monthly service plan with an exterminator. 

Call an exterminator to get rid of German Roaches fast. Drive-Bye Exterminators pest control company will destroy German Roaches in your building and ensure they do not return.