Dry Wood Termite Control

Dry Wood termites are some of the most harmful and damaging pests that can invade your home. Because of their hardy nature and their ability to nest in many different places, Dry Wood termites are one of the most damaging species of termites. Drive-Bye Exterminators is your Dry Wood termites extermination service, eliminating these troublesome insects before they can damage your home.

An exterminator looking for Dry Wood termites will inspect areas of exposed wood, such as attics, walls or decks. Termites will hide, nest and feed in these areas, tunneling through the wood and ruining its integrity. Once Dry Wood termite nests become ingrained in the wood, the only solution is to replace the wood. A better solution is to detect the deal with the bugs before they cause extensive damage. Pest control companies will find these bugs and destroy them, including adults, larvae, offspring and queens.

Trust the premier Florida pest control company to keep your home safe from termites. Make an appointment today to get your home checked for termites.