Dry Wood Termite Control

What Are Dry Wood Termites?

Dry Wood termites are some of the most harmful and damaging pests that can invade your home. Because of their hardy nature and their ability to nest in many different places, Dry Wood termites are among the most dangerous species of termites.

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Dry Wood Termite Facts

Dry Wood termites are a lot like the subterranean termite in appearance. They are usually a pale brown to a darker brown. However, the winged termites have clear or gray colored wings. They range in size depending on their position in the swarm. Where soldiers may be three-eighths of an inch, reproductive may get to be one-half an inch long.

An exterminator looking for Dry Wood termites will inspect exposed wood areas, such as attics, walls, or decks. Termites will hide, nest, and feed in these areas, tunneling through the wood and ruining its integrity. And unlike other species of termites, they do not need moist soil or water nearby, thus, the name. So, they are usually found above ground.

If you have seen evidence of Dry wood termites in the wood around your home, call Drive-Bye Exterminators right away.

Controlling Dry Wood Termites

If you locate a swarm of emerging termites from small holes in wood, you have found an infestation. There are other signs to look for, as well.

What to Look For:

  • Look for tiny holes in wood parts of the home to detect their presence.
  • Blistering on wood surfaces.
  • Pellets, what looks like coffee grounds or the like, are the dropping of termites.
  • Hollowing wood panels.


  • Keep firewood and other lumber at least 20 feet away from home.
  • Rake mulch 15 inches from the walls of the house.
  • Use an exterminator to check for termite activity regularly.

Once Dry Wood termite nests become ingrained in the wood, the only solution is to replace the wood. A better solution is to detect the deal with the bugs before they cause extensive damage. Pest control companies will find these bugs and destroy them, including adults, larvae, offspring, and queens.

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