Commercial Pest Control

It's that time of year again. Bugs are coming out in full force, invading your space, and becoming a major distraction for your business, your employees, and your customers. There is nothing quite as unsettling as watching a big spider race across your office wall, or have a customer complain about a very large centipede or silverfish race over the restroom floor near the sinks or toilets! 

A simple service from a commercial pest control company can eliminate all of these problems.

Indoor Commercial Pest Control

Indoor commercial pest control includes spraying all surfaces and areas where pest insects are likely to crawl. This is a spray used along baseboards, around toilets and under sinks, as well as along window ledges and ceiling edges. 

With these areas sprayed, the most obnoxious indoor pests will die within seconds of touching these surfaces, so powerful is the chemical agents, and yet, these chemicals will not harm or affect humans in the same area.

Bugs that do not have a chance against indoor pest control measures include:

  • spiders
  • silverfish
  • ants (including fire ants and carpenter ants)
  • roaches
  • millipedes
  • termites
  • cupboard beetles
  • carpet beetles
  • booklice
  • fleas
  • etc.

Likewise, if you want to double your protection, have the exterior of your commercial building(s) sprayed as well.

If you need rodent control along with bug control, ask your pest control specialist to add this service to your bug extermination services.

Exterior Commercial Pest Control Services

The best way to deal with most pests is to create a double layer of protection. Creating a barrier between the outside and the inside of your commercial building is the first layer. To do this, your exterminator sprays the exterior of the building all around the foundation and several stories up with a contact spray. When bugs of all types touch this spray, they immediately absorb the toxin into their systems and die. This prevents about 99.9% of all bug pests from even entering the building.

As for bugs that are already in your building, the exterminator can spray all around inside the building with a similar toxin. This is the second layer of protection that gets those bug pests that are hiding in the walls and crevices. (You would be surprised at how well a roach or a centipede can flatten its body to fit in a tight space!)

If you are trying to deal with mice and rats too, then the first layer of protection is finding their ports of entry. The next step is to block up and seal off those entry points. The last step is to place poison or various traps near these openings so that the rats or mice have no other choice but to go over the glue traps in their path or into the live catch traps to get to what they believe is an opening into your building. 

Additional types of traps can be used inside the building to catch rodents that are attempting to head outside again after you block their entrances/exits.

Drive Bye Exterminators Makes Commercial Pest Control Services Easy

You might think that you have to evacuate the building to have pest control to do its thing. You actually don't. You can continue business as usual while the exterior is attended to, and then the exterminator can do the interior of your building after everyone goes home at the end of the day. 

If you want real convenience, ask for weekend service options.

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