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Ants are one of the most common pest-related problems facing homeowners and businesses. Each spring tends to start a season-long battle in most households of seeing and dealing with ants. DIY and home remedies that initially seem effective often compound an ant situation because they do not address the source of the problem: the colony itself.

We Have Effective Ant Treatments

Our treatments are effective because we start by accurately identifying the type of ant, then targeting the colony, and eliminating the source. Our ant control services in Clearwater and surrounding cities are second to none.

Ants can multiply in ferocious numbers and can take over a structure in a matter of days, or even hours. Severe ant infestations are difficult–if not impossible–to remedy without a professional pest control service. A specialized approach to eradicating an ant infestation is the best way to ensure that your home or business is ant-free.

The Problem with Ant Infestations

The main problem with ants is that they can contaminate your water and food when they make a nest in a home. Ants typically enter a home or business in search of food and water. Homeowners often find that they are forced to throw out kitchen staples when ants are present in sinks, pantries, cabinets, and refrigerators.

Ants can pose a range of issues, some more serious than others to homeowners and the homes in which they live with their families.

  • Pavement ants are the pesky insects that invade outdoor locations such as sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. They are harmless to people but can create an unsightly problem all over your property.
  • You may not be able to see ghost ants at first because they are one of the smallest species of ants. This is why they are called ghost ants. Their colony can grow to the thousands, so it is essential to address them quickly. They are drawn to the food and then hide all over your home.
  • Carpenter ants not only cause damage to a home but also to a person. They cause damage similar to termites to wood buildings. They can chew through wood and make a nest. Carpenter ants have painful bites and emit a powerful acidic odor.
  • Fire ants stung dozens of times, which can cause an allergic reaction to specific individuals. Their stings can create blisters, swelling, burning, and itching.

Let a professional identify the type of ant you have in your home and then use their pest control knowledge to eliminate them.

What Attracts Ants to Your Home?

Indoors or outdoors, ant invasions need to be eliminated quickly before the colony takes over. So you can start reducing ants being in your home, here are some of the main attractions for ants.


Ants are hungry little creatures. They’re always searching for food. Once they find a source, they notify the rest of the colony. So if you see one ant, it’s likely not the last.

Keep your home clean and free from crumbs. Your kitchen is the obvious favorite for an ant, so pay special attention to your countertops and pantries. Wipe down countertops often, especially during the warmer months, which could be most of the year in Florida.


Typically ants do not require much water to survive. They can actually get most of their water from the food they ingest. You may find ants near cabinets, especially if you have a leaky pipe or a leaky sink. This is another method of them getting enough water.

Check on your pipes and sinks regularly to make sure there’s no leaking. Also, check your air conditioning units and anything else that may create moisture to ensure a colony is not building up around these areas.

Your home is inviting!

Ants usually do not create their colonies inside of your home since they rely on the environment to keep their bodies regulated. However, they will colonize outside of your home, and if there are any cracks or crevices in your windows or doors, you can bet they’ll make their way inside. So, be sure to seal up around your windows and doors.

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Interesting Ant Facts

Here are some unique and interesting facts about ants.

  • 12,000 different ant species around the world
  • The bullet ant from South American sting feels like you are getting shot
  • Honeypot ants gorge on a ton of honey that you can see it inside of them
  • The Pogonomyrmex Owyheei Queen ant's life expectancy is up to 40 years
  • Ants “hear” through feeling vibrations in the ground
  • The ant colonies are called formicaries
  • Weaver ants make soccer ball-sized nests by sewing leaves together
  • The most massive Argentine ant "supercolony” was discovered in 2000 stretched over 3,500 miles wide from France to Spain
  • With 250,000 brain cells, ants are considered the world’s smartest insects
  • Existing for over 130 million years, ants are as old as dinosaurs according to scholars at Harvard and Florida State
  • The fastest bite in the animal kingdom goes to the trap-jaw ant at 140 miles per hour