Pavement Ants Exterminator

Do you think you may have a problem with pavement ants? Pavement ants are widely prevalent pests that primarily invade outdoor areas. 

As their name implies, Pavement ants tend to take over places around parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks and may also inhabit other sheltered ground areas, like parks or unused sandboxes. Though relatively harmless, these ants multiply quickly, and their swarms over pavement can be very unsightly.

Drive-Bye Exterminators has been driving out pavement ants for over 30 years. We are the friendly technicians equipped to deal with all types of pest problems in and around your home. So, if you are in the Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, St. Petersburg, Largo, or Tampa area, you will want to contact Drive-Bye right away when discovering pavement ants.

Read here to learn more about the Pavement ant.

Pavement Ant Appearance

Pavement ants are small black-brown ants. Their legs and antennae appear a lighter brown color, and the abdomen is solid black. You may notice them for the mounds of dirt they push up in pavement cracks, along curbs, in sidewalk joints, and under potted plants.

Pavement Ant Behavior

These swarming ants appear in large colonies predominantly in June and July. They eat a diet of sweets, fruit, insects, greasy foods, and pet food. Pavement ants appear in outdoor areas like pavements, under stones, and next to buildings. Sometimes they will wander into walls and under floors. They move in small motions, and their trails are most visible when it is dark out.

Colonies may be foraging around foundations of the home, under brick pavers, or around large rocks. Inside you may locate pavement ants near baseboards, plumbing connections, and along the seams of carpet.

Pavement Ant Treatment

These pesky ants are mainly active at night, so treatment sometimes is best served in the early evening hours. The professional at Drive-Bye Exterminators will use a specialized bait to drive the ants out. Typical insect repellents will only spread the problem.

When using sugar or protein/grease-based bait, the ants will take the bait back to the queen, essentially wiping out the colony.

The Professionals at Drive-Bye Exterminators

Any pest invasion in your home can seem like a total disaster. But, we here at Drive-Bye Exterminators deal with these annoyances every day. We are a locally family owned and operated company. Drive-Bye provides quality pest control service for termites, ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, silverfish, wasps, and more in the Pinellas County and Tampa Bay area.

Drive-Bye is proud to be the preferred pest control company of the residents of our

communities, and surrounding businesses.

Maintenance Services

Drive-Bye offers maintenance plans, including one time, monthly, quarterly, and annual services. Over 30 years of experience has led us to a tried and true list of actions for your property, including the following steps:

  1. A thorough inspection of the home or business
  2. Identification of the visible pests and pest damage
  3. Suggestion for an effective pest elimination program
  4. Regular maintenance so the pesky critters do not return

Drive-Bye Exterminators Drives Pavement Ants Away

Drive-Bye Exterminators is a complete pest control company providing the elimination of many troublesome insects. We will work around your schedule and your needs to get the job done. Our experienced exterminators can eliminate Pavement ant nests and provide you with preventative maintenance around nesting times to stop them from invading.

Protect your home from troublesome ants and keep your yard, driveway, sidewalks, and patio clean and free of pests. Call Drive-Bye Exterminators today for pavement ant extermination in your Pinellas or Tampa Bay community.

Contact us for your free no-obligation quote and get rid of those swarming pavement ants once and for all.